Easily mounts to any Ford, Chevrolet, or Dodge Truck by removing existing tow hooks and replacing them with BarrelMover 5000 mounting brackets. It can also be customized to fit other trucks.

      Completely welded frame of high quality steel.

      Easily sets up and is ready for action in less than 10 minutes with a simple 3-step process. Reverse this 3-step process and it is back in transport mode.

      Main frame can be offset from center, to the left or right. This increases safety by allowing the vehicle to operate further from moving traffic or other obstacles, such as rumble strips and uneven road surfaces.

      Equipped with a specially designed Hook attachment that instantly contains and directs the moving barrel away from traffic. This unique design also initiates barrel movement, reducing the impact to the barrel.

      Main frame is spring loaded. A shock absorber designed to work with the Hook attachment to further reduce the impact on the barrel, thus extending barrel life.

      Able to shift barrels or cones up to two lanes from left or right shoulder.

      Equipped with LED illuminated guide poles, LED amber lights, reflectors and a magnetically mounted camera, all designed to increase safety and further assist the operator.

      Attachment rack is supplied to safely store detachable parts while not in use.

      BarrelMover 5000 is easily maintained. It has no belts, chains or pulleys to replace. No hydraulic pumps, hoses or fittings to replace. No oil  to be changed.


                                                                   It is simply amazing !!

barrel mover 5000
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