10 hours

​How much additional asphalt tonnage can be put down due to an increase in time spent in the work zone ​ * ​Per Shift

​15 - 20 minutes


​175 - 200



How many ​employees are needed to set up or take down a lane closure?

Let's look at a project that is scheduled to take 160 days to complete. We have already explored the benefits of staying in the work zone longer each shift and the huge returns you will see in your daily pay items. Now let's consider the impact to your schedule. Extending the time in the work zone and increasing  your productivity, will allow you to eliminate 1 working day from your schedule every 8 days. This will shave off 20 days, allowing your company to finish the project ahead of schedule and move on to other jobs.​​​

​How much time is needed to set up or remove a 3.5 mile lane closure (one way)?  ​* ​Payroll hours accumulated for one way - 1 employee vs. 4 employees.

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Many of our customers didn't realize all the benefits that the BarrelMover 5000 would add to each project.  Not only are they able to provide their employees with the safest method for deploying and removing lane closures, their workforce is available for other tasks quicker and less fatigued than conventional traffic control.

​Every contractor is looking for ways  to increase production on a project that deals with time restrictions.  Being able to stay in the work zone longer means higher profits generated each and every shift.  Subcontractor will benefit as well, able to complete their work ahead of schedule and eager to bid future work on your projects.

​3 - 4

​​​​​Set up and removal  - 1 employee vs. 4 employees, one shift

​BarrelMover 5000  vs  Employees on Foot

​5 hours

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​Employees on foot


​Which method keeps your employees away from moving traffic and able to shift barrels or cones from the safety of a truck?

Will subcontractors be able to spend more time in the work zone?​​


​1 hour 15 minutes​


BarrelMover 5000


barrel mover

​< 1 hour

​​< .5 hour